Blayne, Ceramic art and Techniques.

Blayne is a Belgian Ceramic artist that studied at the Academy of Fine Art in Eeklo Belgium. He studied under the renowned Belgian ceramic artist and teacher Anne Mortier.
Decorating, firing techniques, and construction methods have been a passion for the past thirty years. Blayne does give workshops on decoration techniques and due to request has decided to start his workshop books. The books are designed to give a practical step-by-step, no secret explanation of the more complicated workshops. The workshop books are also written to teach one to assess results and inspire artists to try one's own twist on ceramic decoration.
Blayne is a member Cuesta Ceramic Studio in Drongengoed Hoeve. Where workshops and alternative firings are held.
The webshop also sells ” A Pot in A Box collectible ceramic pieces''. These pieces are made with the thought that they can fit into a 15 cm square box. This is for display and posting purposes. The collection started with Tea Bowls, but now includes any form, and other Belgian Artists also participate in "Á Pot in A Box" collectible pieces.